I began drawing anime in middle school because I was bored in class.
After drawing characters I like, I began adding my own creative ideas to make fan fiction.

This experience trained me to pay attention to detail, and I can apply my drawing skills to draw other things and people. I have uploaded a few of my drawings to my DeviantArt.

Digital Art and Animation

I got a Wacom Create Tablet and started some digital art.
The first thing I attempted was Iron Man. It was copied from a reference picture. I used the opportunity to get used the pen, draw with photoshop, and do some coloring/lighting.

I also dabbled in some basic animation. The following is a GIF I created with Photoshop.



Freshmen year of college, I met Willis, a good friend who introduced me to b-boying.
We frequently went to the gym and other locations to practice our moves.
As a result, I picked up the basics and some freezes.
Since then I have stopped practicing, but I still strive to take a picture of a freeze at every interesting place I go to.

Pan-Asian Dance Troupe

See my Pan-Asian page in activities.

Interesting skills

Video Editing
Chinese yo-yo