I have played the violin since I was 7 years old.
Aside from the plethora of classical pieces I've played, such as the Bruch Violin Concerto and Meditation from Thais, I also do covers of modern pop songs by ear.
I have uploaded a few to my YouTube channel. Here is my most popular video, a cover of Wedding Dress by Taeyang:

What keeps me going is feedback from listeners telling me that I have inspired them or rekindled their interest in violin again. =]

Electric Violin

I got a Yamaha Silent Violin S-130 for my birthday.
And in the same semester, my friend Sandeep lent me his loopstation.
As a result, I recorded some cool harmonical loops and played over them with the melody.
Some covers I did live include Viva la Vida by Coldplay and Apologize by OneRepublic.
I will post them when I find the time to record the melodies. =P


Freshmen year of college, some of my good friends each taught me a song on the piano.
As a result, I "learned how to play the piano." Except not really ... with only two songs in my repertoire.
However, learning the basics brought me far enough to teach myself some other songs as well as pick up one of my favorite songs from a friend back home.
Currently I can play:
不能说的秘密 theme (Evelyn)
La Valse D'Amelie (Sun)
Comptine Un'Autre (self)
I Will Follow You Into the Dark (Tong)
River Flows in You (self)
童话 (self)
La Mariage D'Amour 梦中的婚礼 (Boyang)
I Dreamed a Dream (self)
Falling Slowly (self)
So ask me anytime to play these for you! =]


Singing while playing piano.

Novice Level